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Boutique Counseling and Life Coaching


When your current situation, status, lifestyle, or employment doesn’t allow you to seek out traditional counseling services in a public, open, busy or crowded office space, Concierge Counseling Services is for you.

We provide VIP concierge counseling and coaching to elite members of society by providing the opportunity to work with a premier Atlanta and Internationally recognized counselor and coach. Your privacy isn’t violated because there are no busy waiting rooms or insurance records.

Concierge Counseling Solutions facilitates our client’s ability to visit a comfortable and private office or opt for on-call, in-home or mobile counseling and/or coaching services. As a client, you experience a comfortable environment while becoming the best & most beneficial version of you.

Meet Dr. Curtis D. Jasper

Dr. Curt is a psycho-spiritual counselor, internationally licensed & ordained minister, and a certified executive and life coach headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling and a M.Ed. as a master teacher of concepts and techniques. Dr. Curt’s harmonic blend of specialties allows him to assist you in living your best life while integrating with your current health & wellness. Begin your journey now – Concierge Counseling Solutions is convenient and creates results.

Boutique Office and Mobile Options

Services may be provided at a location of your choosing or at our conveniently located offices in Midtown or Buckhead, Atlanta. Phone and video sessions are also available.

Customized Services

Services are available on-call in a variety of settings.  This allows Dr. Curt to utilize an integrative and holistic approach to counseling that might otherwise be limited by the confines of a typical therapy office.​



Rates are based on treatment modality, and individual, couple, or family therapy.  Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, credit and debit card.  Monthly VIP rates are also available.


“Oh, I certainly can D.I.G. I have learned quite a bit from you.

I learned:
1. I matter. No matter what people may think or say to me about me. I speak up more. I don’t allow people to shush me.

  1. I have to take responsibility for my own life, happiness and own my deficiencies in order to be successful.
  2. My health and spiritual development are very important. I am looking into making a few alterations regarding what I put in my body. I just don’t like mushrooms…they make my mouth swell.
  3. I am learning to put myself first. I’m enjoying living alone and being peaceful and grateful. I often use this quote from you when I think about things that I don’t have control over ” …And that has nothing to do with me”… it’s a few other things but those are some key lessons”
M.Deloney- Chicago

“Hi Dr. Jasper – I wanted to say somewhere along the line your teachings resonated and I really think I’ve made a break thru w my relationship w my mother.”
Coach T- Chicago

“Hey Doc…I’m thinking of posting this on Facebook…I read this post of yours and it confirmed some things that I have been dealing with. Well, I finally got the courage to take action…I visited my mom’s graveside and “made peace” she was an alcoholic and my childhood was pretty traumatic…anyway, I am feeling free more now than ever! Thank you Doc!”
M.T. Chicago

“Thank you so much for being my mentor life coach you came into my life at a very special turning point and you helped me to focus on myself and my own truth and the here and now … out with the Old in with the new.”
Official Maxwell D London, UK

“Thank you, very much, Dr. Curt. Your support and guidance has been doing wonders for me in so many ways. I have been implementing everything we have talked about so far and everything has been falling into place.  It’s like I’m living a whole new life! I am truly grateful and thankful for you.  I just want you to know that I really appreciate you being there for me and supporting in so many ways.”

C. Johnson Columbus, OH

“My self-care week has been amazing!  Thank you!  The transformation is already massive for me!!! Starting back at yoga in the a.m. Can’t wait! Just sharing some of the wonderful effects of your phenomenal work!!”
N.Dailey London, UK

“During my journey with Dr. Curt something unexpected began to happen. I began to see myself for the very first time. It surprised me at first, because contrary to what I had thought up until that moment, I had never really done that before.  What I know understand in myself has me moving forward with a profound sense of my truth, my value and my worth, and I’m just so excited to continue the next part of my journey. Thank you, Dr. Curtis D. Jasper.”
S.Dior- Hampstead Heath, London, UK

“Hi Dr. Curt. I hope you and your family are doing well. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we’re good.  Jay is doing fine.  I am seeing so much more maturity in him. His coping and decision making skills seem to be improving a great deal.  He is working this semester and his grades are better too.  I’m very encouraged by what I see in him. Thank you for what you do in the lives of the young men you work with. It’s much appreciate. God bless and take care, P.S. I forgot to mention his relationship with his dad has improved immensely!!”

E. Johnson- Austell, GA

“My first question to myself was “Do I really know who I am?”, so I asked Dr. Curt if I can participate in the 40 Day Journey and boy oh boy I was really sleep on myself. You would think you know this person you were born with, and are with every day of your entire life, but life is funny that way.  I found out that in this life it’s easy to lose sense of self when going through situations from childhood scars, life changing events, friends, family and relationships and with the I AM Project, it really gave me insight to things that have been holding me in bondage from being the person with purpose that I’m supposed to be. I’ve learned that I AM everything I need to be to be the great person I was born to be through Dr. Curt’s program and leadership.”

A.Williams- Chicago


Dr. Curt does not accept insurance and he does not do diagnostics or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. All private sessions with Dr. Curt are considered either spiritual counseling or ‘coaching’, not psychotherapy. By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging the understanding that you are booking Dr. Curt for either a spiritual counseling or a life-coaching session and not psychotherapy.