All of us admire other people and lots of other things but do we admire ourselves? Self-admiration is unconditional self-love at its best. Did you know that there’s actually 2 parts to Self-Admiration? Self-Admiration is a 2-strand rope of holding on to #SelfLove and furthering #SelfActualization.

Here are the 2 parts to Self-Admiration—(1) Regard yourself with respect and high approval and (2) look at yourself with absolute pleasure. Now, do understand, this is an internal and external dual process and must be practiced regularly. It’s really just a recipe for self-alignment with positive energy and as we know, positive energy attracts positive desires. So, here’s a daily practice toward Self-Admiration. Every morning, throughout the day, and right before you go to sleep, say things like:

• “I lovingly respect and approve of myself”

• “I love the way I look”

Remember, Self-Admiration is unconditional. It’s not based on certain conditions. You either admire yourself or you don’t and if you don’t admire yourself, you can’t really, truly admire someone else…because you can’t give what you don’t already possess. Self-Admiration is unconditional #SelfLove. Practice it daily until it becomes a part of who you are.

Need help? Visit me online, drop your info and we’ll set up a time to assist you in getting started. Your Self-Admiration is a win for us all! Love.Light.Peace&Power

Dr. Curt is a #SOULTherapist, an International Creative Coach, an Author, Psycho-Spiritual Counselor and Speaker. His current demonstration of living on his purpose is serving others as a Spiritual/Mental Wellness Advocate reminding others that #YouAreYourOwnSOULution. He lives, works, rests and plays in Atlanta, Georgia.