Dr. Curt holds a PhD in Counseling with a spiritual, metaphysical, and cognitive behavior therapeutic emphasis. He’s a certified coach with an international ordination designation allowing him to serve clients around the globe. To date, he’s worked with clients across the US, and internationally in London, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines. In addition to serving international, Dr. Curt has worked with clients from all walks of life— well-known celebrities and public figures, convicted felons, as well as with parents of children killed by gun violence. Dr. Curt has assisted clients in navigating the next phases of their lives while coping with complex mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Organizations ranging from detention centers, hospital facilities, community mental health facilities, religious organizations, non-profit community centers, educational institutions, crisis services and corporate settings have all benefited from partnerships with Dr. Curt.  His clients have included those with a variety of multi-diagnoses, emotional and mental health disorders, legal and social issues, educational challenges, substance abuse, and victims of trauma and abuse. Dr. Curt enjoys teaching and lecturing, participating in panel discussions, facilitating support groups,  providing expert contributions, individual therapy, group therapy, assessments, treatment planning, crisis intervention, family therapy, and couples counseling.

Dr. Curt continues to harness his diverse mental health, educational and spiritual background to become the premiere provider of concierge and VIP counseling and psycho-spiritual therapy in Atlanta and around the globe.

My Mission

While everyone’s individual counseling goals are different, my primary goal is to help you access the highest version of yourself through wellness and health. In every interaction we will discover how you can become happier & attain your version of a successful life. I provide every client with an extraordinary client experience and excellent customer service in a relaxing, discreet, and supportive environment.



“Prior to meeting with Dr. Curt Jasper, I had interpersonal challenges, which seemed insurmountable. I knew he had his work cut out. I will admit I was skeptical in the beginning, since I didn’t expect anything different than previous experiences with counselors who provided therapy that left me just as anxious, sad, defeated, or depressed as I was before the session. Dr. Curt Jasper’s non-conventional counseling/coaching revolutionized my self-perception. He related to the many personal and professional challenges I faced as an African American man and tailored our talks around my needs. In six short months, with his assistance, I reversed the dangerously negative perception I had on my life and have cultivated a sense of belonging and purpose. Dr. Jasper’s commitment and dedication to helping me realize my goals was a huge factor in my success.” Dr. Shawn G.

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Atlanta, Georgia